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April 25, 2011
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Mecha - Dokuhebi by ModalMechanica Mecha - Dokuhebi by ModalMechanica
The Dokuhebi (translated to: Fanged Snake) is an unmanned unit designed exclusively for close quarters combat. At its highest It stands roughly 8 feet, but can lower itself to about half the height, additionally high output electro magnetic actuators in the leg allow it to gain momentum quickly, as well as gain significant jumping distance, making it ideal for moving through more tight refined spaces. Its armor and speed make it suitable for taking on light infantry, however in packs, the Dokuhebi have proven useful at taking out heavier amour as well. Using an advance sensory array located primarily in the head, it can easily identify targets in complex environments, and can also coordinate with other units, to partake in "hunting" maneuvers, or to take on larger foes. The unit's main armaments are two shoulder mounted vibroblades, however it can also equip most infantry based weaponry. Furthermore, the dokuhebi can equip built in countermeasures bult into the chest region, such as heat scattering smoke launchers, or miniature EMP devices, to level out the playing field should it be found in a less suitable environment for its combat operations.
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what is it's size and weight? the feet don't look like they would support the unit's weight very well if you follow soil mechanics (i.e. 14lbs per square inch) Looks great!
hah, nah they probably wouldnt. Id say he's more for urban spaces
somerandomguy459 Feb 5, 2012   Digital Artist
Reminds me a bit of a few mech parts from armored core, well done! :D

Sanity, is for the weak! :iconkhorneplz:
Overall It is a good looking design, the artwork is excellent. the shading and weathering makes it look very solid.
My only suggestion concerns the feet they are rather fragile looking and too small for the vehicles mass. if it used some form of Mag-lev or anti-grav the small feet wouldn't be an issue since the feet would only be used for landing.
Thanks for the input, I know all about the feet lol, its just the style.
fair enough. It's a good looking machine by any definition. would like to have one in the garage. putting you on my list of people to watch for more. I'm a lousy artist, but I love to see what people cook up.
haha, kk thanks mate!
three-forces Sep 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
knives FTW :iconicameplz:
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